Sabtu, 30 Mei 2015


Yippie... I'm so happy. Finally my magazines comes.

ASTA TV Style Edition May 2015
My Little Deer "Hong Jong Hyun" 32 pages.

Original from Korea. All in hangul. Seriously I dunno any hangul. I don't understand what they said in that magazine. I just wanna stare whole day my Jjong.

Sorry for my craziness over Hong Jong Hyun. Dunno why last year I was crazy over Kim Soo Hyun, now move to this awesome Model turned Actor, Hong Jong Hyun.

But don't worry. I'm loyal JjongAh lovers. I keep pray for Jjong and Ahyoung's happiness. Both of them really want baby as soon as possible. Both of them love children. So I pray both of them can be good parents together.

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