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Another Updates BTS Red Carpet Kiss

Okey aku bakalan share beberap photo hasil jepretan seorang HyunZi shipper waktu syuting Red Carpet kiss scene. Sayangnya dia cuman ikut dua kisss scene take pertama ajah... Yah just for your information untuk bagian ini mereka ngambil 12 kali take lho...

Ya ampun cukup panas kan? Bayangkan saja mereka berdua bagaimana? 12 kali pengambilan di cuaca yang kabarnya sih sedang dingin-dinginnya, hampir di bawah 0 derajat Celcius.

I can't handle myself, naturally became Byuntae because of them. Totally freak, right?

Hard to move on from this couple.

Kabarnya sebelum pengambilan gambar dimulai, KSH tuh perhatian banget sama JJH oennie. Ceritanya sih mau menghangatkan saja.

Kamis, 13 Maret 2014

Last Epiloge of YWCFTS

Okey berhubung slot tayang yang ketat ternyata epiloge episode terakhir drama You Who Came From The Stars dipotong. Nah, setelah habis tayang ternyata banyak yang kurang puas dengan akhir yang lemah (itu menurut pandangan mereka).

Dan ternyata tanggal 4 Maret 2014 lalu SBS merilis versi lengkapnya.

Do Min Joon dan Cheon Song Yi pindah ke rumah impian mereka bersama. Countryside house with backyard... But if you still remember, they will move to that house with one condition. If they have 7 daughters or 4 daughters and 3 sons?

Dan ini berdasarkan dari suatu video di soompi, yang ditayangkan di China sana untuk membahas ending drama ini.
Epiloge ini menunjukkan bahwa mereka memiliki akhir yang perfectly happy.

Yah, mereka menyatakan bahwa Cheon Song Yi akhirnya hamil. Karena pada saat itu, Cheon Song Yi memakai flatshoes, bukannya high heels. Untuk diingat bahwa, saat sakit sekalipun, Cheon Song Yi tetap pakai heels (episode 3).

Dan menghubungkan dengan last scene ini. I just wanna compare his stare towards Ji Hyun eoonie. Dunno why but I can feel his crush towards eonnie.

How lovely his stare... How do you think?

Kim Soo Hyun's Interview - NewDaily

The love river between the 21st century’s korean actress and the alien who landed on earth and lived for 400 years

People who heard this drama’s summary might feel that it is a drama that is very ridiculous. However, this drama managed to take over as the prime show in all of the TV drama shows. Last year on the 18 December, ‘You Who Came From The Stars’ debuted with its first broadcast until the last episode, it has achieved a 22.6% (Entire world’s level) viewership ratings and also an exploding popularity. In Seoul, the viewership ratings has exceeded 30% for over three times.

After its first broadcast, two days later, schools and companies has been discussing about the drama ‘You Who Came From The Stars’. When the drama’s filming location has been revealed, the people who joined to watch the filming progress has been increasing quickly. All of the OSTs that were released from 'You Who Came From The Stars' also wiped all of the music charts and came out as #1, which garnered a lot of hot discussions among netizens.As what is mentioned in the news portals, this drama has became a syndrome, the drama’s storyline that is even more childish than the original manga - A love story between an alien and a human, in just few months’ time, it has shaken the entire Korea. How do we explain this phenomenon that has never happened before?

The strength of the author, being able to use the idea of a fairytale to imply it into the product, is very impressive. At the same time, the actor who has also made the ridiculous and baseless character role into very realistic, the huge efforts can be seen as well. In the midst, Kim Soohyun who is able to act the alien to perfection, is also something that is very impressive and worthy to be praised about.

Kim Soohyun: "Actually to act out Do Min Joon using his powers is very difficult at times. in the filming site where there’s a lot of citizens and the filming crew surrounding me and looking at my acting intently, having to glare or stretch out my hands all by myself, these acting skills are really very difficult. But my friends who are by my side who has been saying "You really look like you are using your superpowers’, these kind of compliments gives me a lot of strength."

In reality, in You Who Came From The Stars, Kim Soohyun has managed to act out a lot of embarrassing filming scenes, for example, to act out the teleportation powers in front of everyone’s eyes or using his mind powers to move the cup, the kind of childish acting skills which can only be seen in children’s cartoons’.

If Kim Soohyun did not naturally act out an alien’s role with his acting skills, this drama could have received ‘the worst drama’ criticisms. However, Kim Soohyun’s acting skills is really realistic. The viewers clearly know that its something that’s impossible, but they still gave Kim Soohyun who is showing his superpowers, a very big supporting applause from seeing that the alien’s deteriorating health is slowly about to become worse, getting near to the time where he’s going to disappear, and his lonely and sad tears.

Kim Soohyun: "When I heard that this time my role is going to be an alien who came from the stars, I went to apply for the lesson of ‘Understanding the universe’. Actually, it isn’t such a big deal, and it isn’t like what the internet is saying, how i went to attend the astronomy lessons."

 Kim Soohyun who is currently studying drama and performing arts at National Central University, when he got chosen as the male lead for ‘You Who Came From The Stars’, to be able to get into character for the drama even better, he chose to go for the classes of astronomy to understand better of the universe. Being serious and focused for each time’s filming, this is what Kim Soohyun is like.

Kim Soohyun: "I have times where I am very similar to Do Min Joon, and also times where I am not alike him, my serious and firm personality is similar to Do Min Joon, being stubborn and only focused on one thing. Recently, my close friends has been telling me that i’m too focused on something. The huge difference with Do Min Joon is that he knows a lot of knowledge, but for me, i still need to learn a lot."

Although he’s an idol, but he’s very humble to everything that he faces. Be it whatever character roles he gets, his serious attitude is the cornerstone for ‘Authentic Interpretation’ of the alien.

Kim Soohyun: "As compared to the reality being the alien, I am more concerned about acting out the years that Do Min Joon has lived through before. When he first came to Earth, he must have a lot of things that he is curious and want to know about. He must have very huge curiosity right? And also after experiencing in living with humans and getting hurt by them, thinking a lot about those times, then bottling up his own feelings in the end"

Kim Soohyun who has been holding onto the feelings of a ‘human character role’ during the filming process, it’s thanks to the sunbaenims and hoobaes and also his fellow actor friends, thus he was then able to act out even better emotional acting scenes, he humbly pushed all the efforts and hardworks to others but himself.

"Crying acting skills? Actually the emotional acting scenes, sometimes i get a lot of help and support from the co-actors and actresses. In 'You Who Came From The Stars’, I gotten a lot of help from Kim Chang Wan sunbaenim and also Jihyun noona. The director and the production crew’s created scenario and also the costars and coactresses’s help, I can act it out without worries at all.

In the drama, the actor who played as Do Min Joon’s closest friend, Lawyer Jang, Actor Kim Chang Wan said “After filming together, I felt that Kim Soohyun is someone who is very well-mannered, and he is very mature too. He is an actor with a great future.”

Those who co-stared with Kim Soohyun are all full of praises for him. PD Jang Tae Yoo said :” It is exactly because of this, we chose Kim Soohyun.”

Kim Soohyun became a big star through ‘The Moon Embracing The Sun’, and through his movies that he was in, he became a top actor. So he is very suited to act out an alien that is young and beautiful at the same time very charming and high class. There is no one else who is as suitable as Kim Soohyun to act out this role. From this angle he looks like an alien, from that angle he looks like a human, he is the only one who is most suited to be the male lead for ‘You Who Came From The Stars’.

Amidst everyone’s praises, we can also boast of Kim Soohyun, who is very stable and firm as the drama’s Do Min Joon. Although he is still unchanging with many challengers infront of him, he is still very hardworking. Because the drama gotten very good reviews, he felt very happy and also very thankful, but he also had times where he is very worried

Kim Soohyun: "I have a lot more things that i need to protect. Under these circumstances, I will have to rely more on people that are around me".

"Because of wanting to get the desired reaction from Cheon Song Yi, he went for a real kissing moment with Cheon Song Yi”

I think it’s about time we mention one of the actors, it is ‘You Who Came From The Stars’, the hero Jun Jihyun. Like in reality, she acted out the role of a ‘top star’, starting out a romantic and sweet relationship with Kim Soohyun, Jun Jihyun is someone who helped Kim Soohyun to successfully and smoothly act out ‘Alien’s acting skills’, although she is one of the leads for the drama, but she is also a special supporting role for Do Min Joon to be able to shine.

Kim Soohyun: ”During the whole filming process, I keep thinking that I’m together with Cheon Song Yi, I came to know Jihyun noona through The Thieves, so it’s very comfortable and I am very happy. Jihyun noona is someone whose personality is very outstanding, so the atmosphere on the filming site also became very lively. As said before during ‘The Thieves’, I am easily into character when I am acting alongside with Jihyun noona. Her character role is also very well prepared, this gave me a lot of help when i’m acting out my role.

After the movie ‘The Thieves’, when the couple acted in the drama, their ‘real kiss’ also started a lot of hot discussions among netizens.

Kim Soohyun: "It’s because I will faint immediately after kissing, so I took into consideration that the 400 years old Do Min Joon’s kissing moment should be like he is someone who is very well-versed in kissing but also a bit not used to it. Although I only thought of how the role should act like he’s not used to kissing, but i wanted the viewers’ reaction to be like ‘aww~~’ and also thoughts like ‘aish, what to do’, , and also Cheon Song Yi to feel very shocked after being kissed, so I went to search a lot of kissing angles on the internet and also manage to act out a very steamy and hot kiss with Jihyun noona."

Although initially Kim Soohyun was looking forward to a very painful and tearful of a sad ending for the drama, he still felt very fortunate that it ended very well when the drama aired its last episode.

Kim Soohyun: ”In the future, I hope to challenge even more different character roles and personalities, I wish to continue through very good dramas/films, showcasing my acting skills and my hardworking side to everyone. Please do continue support me~”

Source : NewDaily.kr

English translation : kim-soohyunnie.tumblr.com

Uri Sexy Chunnie - Tatto

Hohohohohho.. mendapat gif ini waktu main di tumblr, makanya aku lagi mau post soal uri nampyeon...

This photos taken while BTS Miss Replay in 2012. Okey, I can see his tattos in back.. Ouw...

Hohohoho also tattos "Always Keep The Faith"

Oh my gosh.. I always keep the faith.. DB5K forever...

My Obsession OTP - Hyun Hyun Couple

Yeah.. Absolutely fans berat Hyun Hyun Couple. Sepertinya mau bahas atau share mereka terus deh...

Awwwww.... Kiss scene episode 20 benar-benar sexy...

Dan pastinya scene ini ultimately made my heart flutters...

Dan pastinya tetap kegirangan dengan kiss scene episode 21.. Daebak!!!!

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Romantic Couple - Do Min Joon & Cheon Song Yi

Ouh.. I can't handle myself to talk about this couple whole day, each times. So for now I just wanna share you some gif pic.

And actually I wanna see their properly wedding. Cheon Song Yi with her white wedding dress. And Do Min Joon there just stare at her with lovely gaze.

Oh I think I gonna insane because of these couple. Their chemistry since The Thieves... Awesome.. Just look at this gif pic.

Really made my day...

Best Kiss in 2014 - Kim Soo Hyun & Jeon Ji Hyun

Honestly this kiss scene always makes me feel butterfly on my stomach. Hhhhmmmm, hard to explain but this one extremely hot.

So what do you think? Their first kiss in The Thieves already been the hot kiss. But this time 200x more hot...

Note : all this gif pic not belong to me